LaShaundria Coleman is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Business and Life Coach who helps people around the world obtain more success in the midst of great challenges.


Born with a debilitating medical condition Ms. Coleman learned to be strong as she rose above every circumstance that she has been faced with. Being a victim and conqueror of poverty, a suicide attempt, and incarceration she learned to use her conditions as a stepping stone. She strongly believes that health challenges or devastating circumstances are not a barrier to the fulfillment of one's dream. 


Ms. Coleman chose writing and motivational speaking as a platform to express herself because these are the areas that inspire her the most. The energetic public speaker is best known for utilizing her hyper-creative skills in grabbing complete attention from the audience during her presentations. What differentiates her from the rest is her versatility, sense of humor, strong communication skills, and enthusiastic response to the needs of her audience helping them achieve complete happiness and satisfaction in their careers, businesses, and personal lives. Seeking to fulfill her passion, she founded the When|Win Foundation in 2018. An organization dedicated to helping those in need succeed. She is the Author and Publisher of "The When|Win Approach The Formula To Overcoming Life's Challenges”. Her second book “The When|Win Approach The Accountability Workbook” was released in 2020. She is a reputable Business/Personal Development Coach equipped with sound principals that produce amazing results.


Ms. Coleman holds an Associate Degree in Business Management and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology. As someone who loves giving back to her community, she received an award for outstanding community service by Buffalo State College. Ms. Coleman is a certified speaker of the Les Brown Institute and a Certified Coach of Dr. Eric Thomas Extreme Execution Coaching program. She is sought after by schools, individuals, and organizations for her expertise. Each day she propels thousands with great wisdom using powerful, practical, and realistic strategies. Ms.Coleman enjoys helping people and currently works with at-risk youth and people from all walks of life. She resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. 


LaShaundria's desire to see individuals and businesses achieve exponential success is the driving force behind everything she does.


Our mission is to empower students and marginalized population members with the tools and resources they need to get back in the race of life and win. We provide outreach services to at-risk youth and families that face hardships. 


We offer mentoring services and provide workshops about Personal Development, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship and Job readiness skills. We believe that when people are provided with the proper emotional support, education, and training, they can positively change their situation.


Our Motto is You will "WIN" not if but "WHEN" you believe you can do so. Let us begin to help you unleash your Inner Winner.